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What a start!

mattmishkaSummer is off to a heck of a start! Our annual Great Woods gathering was a huge success! Starting Thursday night when Jimmy announced a surprise intimate show at the Paradise where a ton of real phans were able to get tickets and enjoy a show of a lifetime! I unfortunately missed it, but not to worry, much fun was still to be had! Friday we met at the Red Roof Inn pool area where Rick “Kid Conch” was rocking it! Not only the BuffettNews crew were hanging out, but most of the New England clubs were well represented.

Friday night a bunch of us headed over to the Sandbar Grill where the Baha’s (with the help of Debbie Grisham and Island Vibes Entertainment!) had a sweet line up of talent! Jon Frattasio kicked things off, which you all know is a highlight for me! Something about that smile of his! oh ya, and his voice! The Baha Brothers got us all dancing like crazy and really go the party rolling. We were next introduced to Matt Hoggatt who Debbie promised was something special.. and man was she right! Great tunes and charisma! Then our headliner hit the stage, Mishka! I’ve heard some of his music before, heard one of his cd’s, but hearing him live was something completely surreal! His smooth lyrics, and amazing vibe simply lit the stage up!


Game Day!
The day I look forward to all year long was here! We all met at the Shaws parking lot in front of Cork’s liquor store. I don’t know the final count but I do know we had over 30 cars which was a record. I heard that the New England clubs were around 90 cars! Woowza! We finally get in (albeit slightly side tracked and pushed to the back lot), set up and ready to rock and roll! Chef Goose had food rolling out all day long! Kid Conch played non-stop right next to the new Tonga Tam bar! Ya, she did alright for the first outing… well, all but the roof! Thanks Randy! We had a pool, lounges and more food than you could possibly eat. I even went through about 4 batches of tonga juice! Whoa.. we had people from VA, PA.. even Key West! Not too shabby!

After a great show that night (even had a virgin – my aunt!), we headed back to the hotel. The weekend was only half over and we had one of the highlights to go, our annual recovery trip to the Cape! Albeit a slightly later start than in the past, we got up to the Beachcomber about mid afternoon which turned out to be a good thing, parking spaces were open and our table was almost immediately ready for us. We kind of binged a bit and ordered almost everything! Oysters, clams, lobster, fried clam strips, muscles with garlic and big fat onion rings. Plus about two dozen Gombay Smashes! Perfect!


The hurricanes of the past Winter and Spring made us move our now second annual bonfire to the Coast Guard beach. We had a bit of a parking issue but all was good when we hit the beach! Fires blazing and a big moon to shine down on us. A perfect night!

We ended our annual gathering the following morning at mine and moms cabin in Welfleet. Beach views and more cars in the parking ‘yard’ than I’m sure has ever been there, we were treated to Steves cooking and many hour of gab.

Now, if this is a hint of what is to come, this is going to be one heck of a summer!
Happy 2013 people!

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