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So I have spent the last few weeks gathering photos, going through each one .. finding that little gem of a smile or expression and think I finally have plenty to redo the bar top! I’ve been wanting to do this for the last few years and just haven’t. Time, work, life.. yada yada… But I can not go one more concert season with that same bar top! Just isn’t going to happen!

For the most part, the new photos are from the last couple of Buffett shows and conventions (uh-oh!!). I’ve also thrown in some non-Buffett stuff, just great pics of my amazing friends! I have to say however, it became quite the ordeal to select photos over others and trying to keep some sort of balance of how many of Mac are on there or how many of Chris or Mary are plastered all across the thing. After a while I threw that whole concept out the window and decided screw it.. this is my bar top, it’ll have the faces of those I care about the most.. and the photos that just make me smile! Mac and her marshmellow gun! The BuffetNews crew, my flying asshole friends, and of course the doors! Got to have mine and Carries hotel bar door creations! And have to say I felt a bit on the famous side of things as I started to pull together my photographic evidence of some of the celebrities I’ve met such as Mike Utlely, Mac McAnally, Robert Greenidge, Hugo Durate, Jim Morris (had to censor those!!), and our local celebs of WZLX, Kenny Young and Chuck Nowlin. There are a few others, and no, I didn’t put the picture I have when I met Mr Simon Lebon. Even got a great shot of Myles from Margaritaville Radio interviewing me with a dildo on the bar top. He didn’t realize it was there till about half way through the interview. Classic.

Pictures have been printed and I’ve cut them out.. and here’s where yet another issue arose. The damn pictures are too big and take up the entire bar top. Which isn’t really what I was looking for. I have my artwork on there that I’d like to preserve, just wanted to add updated shots to whats there. I love it when someone comes up to the bar and sees their mug there! “Oh I remember that… “… simple things that make me happy!

So have resized all the images and am now waiting on them to be reprinted.

** sigh**

I was hoping to have the layout done this weekend but its going to be a bit longer. I have till June 25th so think I’m alright in the timeline. But anyone who knows me, understands that my time table and sense of time is just a tad skewed. I lost my watch in Key West in 2002 and took that as a sign that I was to never wear another one again. I am on my own watch! hehe..

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll try to add updates on my progress. Definatley a labor of love! Just wish I felt like this about my yard work! ahaha…

the 'pre' pictures

the 'pre' pictures


the left corner

the left corner

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