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Changes in Latitude

The winter hit New England early this past year and with out much mercy. We had to endure an ice storm that crippled the area and we’re still dealing with the aftermath and destruction. I imagine a lot of the trees on my property will either have to be cut down or will die in the next few years. Pretty sad to see. Add to that eleven days of no electricity and bitter cold, I’m ready for a change in latitude.

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I took off to Florida shortly after that for about two and a half weeks. Talk about a much needed break. It also got me seriously thinking about what I’m doing and where I’m going in life (I’m sure has ‘nothing’ to do with my 38th birthday!!). So what’s next for Tonga Tam? Good quesiton, but I know something has to change.

Not to worry, I’ll be back yearly for those tailgate gatherings and coventions. But for now.. my thoughts are shifting south of the border towards the Bahamas, Daytona, maybe even Key West. We shall see!

more soon! :-)

this just isnt right!

this just isnt right!

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