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Going on Tour!

So I was chatting with my good friend Carrie recently, and we got to talking about how fun would it be to go on tour with Buffett. As in, jump in an RV and hit every show on the tour! I know people do this.. and its not something new… but its something we want to do. I’m doing a smaller version of that this year with 5 shows on the to-do list! Two shows at Great Woods, Jones Beach, Nissan in VA and Mohegan Sun! Not bad considering I thought I’d be lucky to make both the GW shows.

The whole ‘tour’ thing got me thinking about making up some t-shirts for Tonga Tam’s! Mary hooked me up with a cool new logo…

My new logo!

My new logo!

…so I got to scratching out some ideas on a pad of paper. The end result is a pretty cool t-shirt design! I still have some work to do on it.. its a bit rough for my tastes but I’m getting worried about how much time I have left till the shows! That and my bartop isnt done yet. EEEEKKK!!! I’m way too busy to have so many hobbies! hehe…

the t-shirt design!

the t-shirt design!

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