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Saying goodbye to 2009!

Well as this year rolls into the final couple of days, it has me thinking of new directions and new ideas. That and of course, reflecting on the past year and all that has come to pass and now is. Lots of ups and downs, and a heck of a lot of fun! I’m so grateful that I was able to travel quite a bit even with my work being cut for five months. Got to love friends, especially those in the parrothead community! Always looking out for you and offering a hand when needed. I honestly believe if not for them, I would have gone completely bonkers!

The ups of the past year? There are so many its hard to pin point. Of course all of the concerts and tailgate parties. Loved going to Nissan in Virginia this year. Great Woods is always the place to be, but Nissan definatley impressed me! Jones Beach was a blast.. even though I was bar-less! And Mohegan Sun was a fantastic surprise! Lots of familiar faces and new friends.

I only made it to two music festivals this year. Camp Creek was cancelled, however, rumors are saying it’ll be back in 2010! I do hope so! Thats such a great time. Got to go to Strange Creek for the first time over Memorial Day weekend and have to say that will be a new tradition. My Aunt Jeanne flew over from England to joins us camping for the first time as well! Nothing like introducing her to a hippy filled music festival! I do believe shes trying to return for next year! Wormtown lived up to its hype even though it was freezing cold out and we had to wait till 4am to catch Goosepimp play. We got to witness Zack Deputy’s amazing stage performance for the first time and I do believe Heather and I were simply swept away by him!

This may have been the year of music. I missed my boys of Flock of Assholes quite a bit, but have found some new loves including Ilo Ferreira! Ilo toured with Buffett this year and played one of two songs to us at each show. Hes got a calm and passion about him that is captivating. I’ve seen him play a couple small venues now and am just as impressed.

So whats next? More music, more friends, more fun! That and hoping that this will be the year of moving on! Sorry New England, its just too damn cold up here. In my travels this past year, my sister of another mother, Mary introduced me to New Smyrna Beach and I simply fell in love. Its small, but quaint. Just south of Daytona with pristine beaches and a lot less traffic. I may have found me a new home!

Happy New Years everyone! I hope that 2010 brings you all happiness and prosperity!
xo ~ tonga

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