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9 Days to go!

Know its been a while since I last posted… been a crazy few months. We’re in the final stretch before Buffett returns to Great Woods and preparations are underway! I stopped over my friend Tracy and Randys last night to peek on our project. Have to say, its coming along nicely! I’ll head back over tonight or tomorrow to start painting it. Good thing about being unemployed.. gives me extra time to do things like this! ahaha… I’ll post pics when I can, another sad story of how I lost my camera. And let me tell you, not having a camera is like not having a right hand. I’m going to have to dip into the non-existant savings to get a new one it seems!

So moving on, we have nine days till heading into the Great Woods parking lots. Seems that Comcast is being a major pain in the butt and has announced that gates will not open until 3 on Thursday and noon on Saturday. Apparently its ok to get drunk on the weekend, but not during the week. Seriously!?! We are professionals here, those of us die hards are planning on several days of this and have taken days off (or in my case, glad the boss knew to lay me off before summer!). Rumors are, the clubs will still get in early so we’re not really all that worried. And worse case scenario… we’ll find a place to chill till they let us in – the side of 140? Shaws parking lot?! ahahah…

Time to go work on the tan, then work on the ‘project’! Catch you all soon and a lot of you in 9 days!

xo ~ tam

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