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Making a vision a reality!

Alright folks and faithful followers…. all three of you! :-) I started writing ideas down about what I’m looking for and what I want Tonga Tam’s to be. I have a good head start from this past spring and got some great feedback on that. Now I need to refine, research and investigate! Ohhh.. sounds fun! Especially the researching part as there is no way I want to open TT’s in New England – sorry folks, its just not for me!

Which brings up the first big question.. WHERE?! I know most of you will say Key West off the bat and I’d agree with you. Except that the cost is more than I’d be able to hope to get and the competition there is crazy. Course, done right.. it could happen. I’m thinking of Key West as a second or third opening! (yes, already thinking multiples.. its how I roll!) So then New Smyrna Beach pops into mind as its basically one of my top five spots on the planet so far. its peaceful and laid back and I already found the perfect bar. But again, lots of initial money and the family isnt quite ready to sell. I’m not exactly ready to buy yet either.


The next logical location is the west coast. Tampa, Ft. Meyers and such. Theres a great parrothead population along with one of the largest parrothead clubs in the world. My kind of peeps! You’ve got classic stops like the Nav-a-gator which boasts a dive hang out with the best local music around! Love it! The beaches are amazing and the people are as carefree as you can get! Plus, the ferry to Key West is not far!

I know I only have one more winter in me here, and thats stretching it! I should have been in FL by now! But thats ok, life tends to throw you curve balls and the only way to come out on your feet is to meet those curve balls straight on. Yep, a bit of bending and twisting is involved but you get there. Can you tell I used to work at a sports company! So glad that part of my life is over.

So moving on… got myself an awesome financial advisor who is pointing me in the right direction – Thanks Rob! I know what I have to do and realize I’m a lucky gal to have so many amazing friends that will help me on this journey.

more soon!
xo ~ tonga tam

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  • By Capt Gene, June 30, 2011 @ 3:28 am

    Who knew?

    Here’s the rub with KW. You’ll see friends seldom unless you think MOTM’s is often enough. While it can be done you’ll probably, and I can be wrong here, need more partners than is practical unless they also move to KW… They won’t move so you’ll have to give up too much profit as they won’t do it out of charity, they’ll expect a resonable return, and take my word on it I know several “locals” that have tried and failed. From close experience “locals”, no matter where you settle on, are what keeps the doors open in the down curves which, sadly, are the reality in all business’…. The dreamers keep faililng in KW, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Scott Kirby and crew but Guy Harvey had very deep pockets and is now gone, in only two years…

    Having owned a business in Fl. I can tell you the state is very business friendly.

    Having owned a business in “Wilbur by the Sea” I know NS upfront and personnlely. Only negative is that it’s already “buffetized” and if that’s your idea it might be overkill. If it’s a very “you” business you might pull it off. I know I’d be there regularly as I’m planning on moving back to my house up North next year after one more winter in KW(from KW that’s WBTS for me). Your freinds probably visit the Mouse more that KW and you’d have a better chance of them visiting you in the Daytona area. Many Disney folks spend time in the Daytona Market before and after their vitit there.

    Homes are cheap, Sun is plentiful with the exception of Jan & Feb but many “Far North” sun worshipors think theres plenty year round in the area. While the “big” hotels aren’t that plentifull in N.S. there’s a big, active PH club there.

    I could go on but seems you’ve done your homework. Haven’t read all of your posts yeat but I’m very much in love with the East Coast of Fl.

    Just saying. Good luck and hope to get your post’s automaticaly if that’s possible?

    PS: I, like many, don’t do email much anymore, do you have a “like” page on FB that would notify when you do a post to your site, or are you mainly doing FB now? I just caught your mention of photos and came to your site….

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