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Waiting and anticipation…

It is March 14 and at this moment in time, we still have not heard dates for the upcoming Jimmy Buffett tour. Rumors are flying all over the place on when and if he’ll play Great Woods. Since 1994, there have been two years he has not played Great Woods and those years he played Fenway and Gillette. Fenway was amazing, Gillette, not so much. Regardless, he has always come home. Now there are rumors of him playing at Mohegan only, and in the fall. I can understand that as he has not sold out a concert at Great Woods in some years. He has stated that he is not slowing down, but I believe the economy is doing that for him. Time will tell and all we can do is hope that our summer tradition will not be coming to an end.

Where am I going with all of this? What are we going to do if he no longer goes to Great Woods and worse, when he retires? We all joke about it happening and that he’ll pull a Keith Richards and live forever, but we know that’s not possible.

So we turn our focus to the Trop Rock world.

Homemade Wine rips up the Lazy Gecko at MOTM

Homemade Wine rips up the Lazy Gecko at MOTM

Trop Rock is exploding and bringing with it so much talent, I’m almost giddy about it. I love live music to begin with, but live Trop Rock just seeps into my soul and plays to my heart. The steel drums, harmonicas, guitars and those amazing voices! I was a fan of St. Somewhere way back in the day and now follow Homemade Wine with as much excitement. They are not traditional Trop Rock, but more of a cross over (a cross over in our small genre? very cool!). Then there’s the up and coming Island Castways Band, my home town boys who wrote a song about me after a few too many Tonga bowls! What these bands do is pull their audience in and make them a part of the magic. When you go to a show, you feel that connection with the artists unlike any other genre I’ve seen. Jim Morris wraps friends and fans into his lyrics all the time. And every time I see any of these guys, I’m met with huge smiles and hugs.

Jim Morris at MOTBAnd as Trop Rock gains in popularity, so do bigger and bigger events. We are not going to a show where a single musician plays, we are now attending events that boast ten plus acts. There have been events that have done this over the years such as the New England Parrot Head Convention, Stars on the Water, Pardi Gras, etc. But now, you can not go a month without a new event calling your attention to register.

A bunch of us attended Music on the Bay a couple of weeks ago and were simply blown away. An amazing venue, great line up and even better after hour parties (you’re welcome!). It was a perfect blend of what every parrot head wants in an event. Last year, Chris Lang (aka ‘C-Dawg’) and I helped co-produce Beach House on the Mountain. I have to say, it was one incredible event packed full of awesome music and a gorgeous venue. One of my favorite moments was standing down on the grass in front of the stage and glancing up to see Nadirah sitting on the hill, her head swaying back and forth listening to John Frinzi. She had this beautiful smile and seemed simply content. To me, that sums up the weekend. Pure content! We’ve been asked about doing it again this coming summer… time will tell! Keep your eyes on our website – Island Vibes Entertainment or our Facebook pages!

Beach House on the Mountain

Beach House on the Mountain

So where does all this rambling leave us? First, I haven’t written in some time and needed some verbal therapy, and second was asked to write something again. So here it is! I’ll be back soon with some updates on Tonga Tam’s! Although its not quite to where I want it, Tonga Tam’s in my backyard will be opening this summer with 2-3 backyard house parties! (bands, contact me if you’re interested!)

Till then, keep smiling and keep bowlin’!

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